Tim & Jalpa | Telluride Indian Wedding Photos

Telluride Indian Wedding

Telluride, Indian Wedding. As a photographer, how could I go wrong with these two things? A stunning couple, gorgeous, colorful garments and breathtaking views. I was handed the makings of a fabulous photography weekend…that was until the rain rolled in. Luckily this bridal party bit the bullet and agreed to get a little wet in order to get the views that only Telluride can offer, and I’m so glad they did.

We started their weekend with a henna party, hosted by Tim and Jalpa at their place in Denver. The crew relocated to Telluride for their Sangeet. Their closest friends and family performed some hilarious, and extremely memorable skits, songs and dances. It was such a fun event to be a part of.

The wedding was on Sunday, as Tim and Jalpa prepared for pictures they anxiously awaited to find out if the stormy weather was going to mean relocation their ceremony spot to indoors, eventually it turned out that way, but they took it in stride and it didn’t phase these two one bit. It was obvious what was important to them, marrying their best friend rain or shine. As the day went on a few tears were shed, I may have had a few myself, and their fun-loving crew got down on the dance floor. Tim and Jalpa couldn’t have been easier to work with, I’m happy to say the rain didn’t stop us from getting them some awesome shots, or from having a perfect wedding day.

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