Greg and Kellee | Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen Wedding

Playa Del Carmen, three words that automatically translate into “a hell of a good time.” That’s exactly what Kellee and Greg’s wedding weekend was for everyone involved. They brought 60 of their closest friends and family members to the Dream’s Resort in Playa for a weekend of  beach lounging, pool parties, amazing dinners, late night dancing and most of all, a celebration of love, their love. Now I am totally aware  of the high amount of cheese infused into my next statement, but it’s absolutely true, in the short time I’ve known them, Greg and Kellee seem to be like two puzzle pieces that complete and compliment each other perfectly. Two people whose differences make each other better. Their joy is infectious and you just want to be around them because the warmth and love they have for each other radiates into the relationships and interactions that surround them.

When I met Kellee and Greg a year ago when I first moved to Denver, we sat down to talk about their wedding and they told me that they really wanted a photographer who would be a part of the crew. I wanted that too, but obviously going on vacation with 60 people you don’t know doesn’t exactly mean it’ll be easy to just fit right in. Especially when their group of friends is huge, tight knit and  they  all go back for years. Well, this group couldn’t have been more warm, welcoming and engaging. All weekend long Greg, Kellee, their friends and family made an extra effort to include me in everything that they did, all the while making me feel like I’d been a part of the crew for years! I may of even been seen dancing…ok… maybe even a few times, that’s saying a lot. I got the chance to sit with Greg’s family at dinner one night, and it was obvious how he became the warm, charismatic guy that I’ve seen, they were exactly the same way.

Bottom line, this was not just a destination wedding for me, it was a weekend of celebrating with new friends. I felt so honored to have been the photographer chosen to be with this crew of amazing people. I know it’s a huge compliment to have been asked to be part of their wedding, because it wasn’t just one night of shooting, it was 4 days of hanging out with their nearest and dearest during the most important weekend of their lives.

So a huge congrats to Greg and Kellee. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your celebration, I absolutely loved every minute of it.

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