Dena and Clay | Traverse City Wedding

Dena and Clay, Traverse City Wedding

Dena and Clay, not only clients, but good friends, decided to have their wedding in Traverse City Michigan, and luckily chose me as their photographer. They live in Steamboat Springs, so not only did they travel, but most of their friends and family did too. I love destination weddings because you don’t just spend one night with everyone involved, but an entire weekend. I made some new friends at this wedding, and caught up a couple old ones.

They had their personal touches on everything. Dena’s bright blue, laced and ruffled heels were hands down the most badass shoes I’ve ever seen a bride wear.  Clay designed her gorgeous, and definitely one of a kind ring (appropriately nicknamed the Superbowl ring), their cake looked exactly like a birch tree with their initials burned into the side and they had mason jar champagne flutes. It was everything but cookie cutter.

Luckily next to the venue was an awesome grove of pine trees which made for a great location for some portraits. We shot their portraits before heading over to the ceremony. A good friend of ours, Don, officiated a very intimate and thoughtful ceremony complete with personally written vows. It was beautiful.

The reception included a pretty entertaining performance by 4 of Dena’s best girlfriends to a classic Spice Girls song. Hilarious. Clay nieces also managed to get their moment in the spotlight by scoring the microphone from the DJ and singing their own song…er songs… I don’t think they were singing the same thing. Pretty adorable.

It was a great time, and I’m so thankful that they flew me out to shoot their wedding. I love my job most days, but I especially loved it that day. Congrats dear friends!


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